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What is mental fitness?2021-11-29T13:10:33+05:30

Unlike physical fitness where we take care of our bodies by exercising or eating healthy, mental fitness means maintaining a state of emotional well-being which includes taking care of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

What are the benefits of mental fitness?2021-11-29T13:11:58+05:30

Mental fitness helps us perform our daily activities effectively, manage stressful situations in a healthier way, build social relationships, improve productivity and focus while uplifting our overall well-being.

How can I improve my mental fitness?2021-11-29T13:13:15+05:30

Just like we exercise regularly to keep our bodies fit, we can indulge in various practices to improve our mental fitness. Engaging in positive self-talk, having a healthy sleep routine, being aware of your emotions and building healthy ways of dealing with them, journaling, and practicing mindfulness are some of the ways to build mental fitness.

What is mindfulness?2021-11-29T13:13:43+05:30

Mindfulness is a practice of paying attention to the present moment (ie. what is happening right here, right now), on purpose and with an attitude of non judgment. Often, we are worrying about the future or ruminating about the past, mindfulness allows us to embrace the present with kindness and curiosity.

What happens in counselling?2021-11-29T14:16:46+05:30

During counselling, the therapist or the counsellor provides a safe, empathetic and non judgemental space to the client that enables the latter to discuss and explore their concerns openly. The individual needs of the client are taken care of in the session. The therapist or the counsellor works on the issues in association with the client using research based intervention.

Who is counselling for?2021-11-29T14:17:26+05:30

Counselling is for everyone who wants to work on their mental health and well-being. Individuals of all ages, sexual orientation and from all walks of life can seek counseling, by reaching out to a trained psychologist, clinical psychologist or psychiatrist to overcome their concerns.

Is this a professional counselling and therapy service?2021-11-29T14:18:01+05:30

Absolutely. At MindPlus we have a diverse team of mental health professionals that are well-trained and help individuals develop mental health/fitness with empathy and scientific interventions.

How are counselling sessions conducted?2021-11-29T14:18:50+05:30

The client and the therapist schedule the counselling session. Typically, a counselling session lasts for about 50-60 minutes. The sessions can happen in person or even online.

Is this a confidential service?2021-11-29T14:19:21+05:30

Yes. We do not disclose confidential communications to any third party, unless mandated or permitted by law to do so.

How can I download the MindPlus app?2022-01-10T12:23:53+05:30

For Android users- 

Step 1- Go to the Play Store 

Step 2- Search for MindPlus

Step 3- Click ‘Install’

For IOS users-

Step  1- Go to the App Store

Step 2- Search for MindPlus

Step 3- Click ‘Install’

What does a Psychiatrist treat?2023-04-24T15:19:25+05:30

The top psychiatric hospital in India declares A psychiatrist is a medical professional who is qualified to identify and manage a variety of mental diseases. These include bipolar disorder, eating problems, sleeplessness, and depression. Additionally, psychiatrists can treat particular symptoms like anxiety or schizophrenia.

How do psychiatrists assist their patients?2023-04-24T15:31:21+05:30

Psychiatrists diagnose, treat, and prevent mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders with the use of medication, neuromodulation, and psychotherapy.

What types of conditions are treated by a psychiatrist?2023-04-24T15:54:36+05:30

A psychiatrist can diagnose and treat a wide range of complicated mental diseases, such as:

  • Depression
  • Disorder of the borderline personality
  • Bipolar illness
  • Schizophrenia
Does the Psychiatrist really help?2023-04-24T16:26:36+05:30

At MindPlus, our best psychiatrist makes a diagnosis and collaborates with you to create a management strategy for your care and recovery in India. Psychiatrists offer mental care, write prescriptions for drugs, and carry out procedures like electroconvulsive therapy. A psychiatrist’s duties include: giving prompt treatment to people who experience unexpected mental illness.

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