“ This was the best and most concise workshop I have ever done. Having attended a number of similar Webinars, I was amazed by just how good this workshop was. Not only was the information taught at the perfect pace and in an informal way, so that all of the attendees could understand what was being discussed, it gave a clear structure and approach to marketing a small business. Everyone seemed to get a lot out of it and I was extremely impressed with the content and practical advice it gave about Mindfulness and Resilience at the Workplace.”

Senior Test Quality Engineer, L&T Infotech, Mumbai

Anushri SinghAnushri Singh

Informative Session. Thanks The best part I like was that we should meet for casual talk to vent out our feelings not to discuss only work

Bhupinder Sabharwal

With utmost care and professionalism, MindPlus facilitated me a remarkable transformation in treating my issues related to  addiction and psychiatric challenges.
Through a tailored blend of in-house treatment, dietary guidance, and personalized gym training, the journey to recovery was not only made seamless but remarkably swift.
Their holistic approach ensured not just restoration but taking care of overall well-being. Kudos to MindPlus for their dedication to healing with dignity and efficacy.

Parmod Kumar

Thanks for motivating us during the stressful and uncertain routine.

Yugal Sharma

It was a great session. The strategies are simple and relatable. It’s interactive, and interesting. As a Corporate leader, I’ve found the session as a useful resource tool for my workplace and look forward to more of them. Much needed in the New Normal.

Director and Co-Founder, Kritter Software Technology, Bangalore Founder – Aroscop

Rohan RaiRohan Rai

It was truly an engaging session with great insights on how to deal with the current situation, and how to use Mindfulness along with some great strategies as a great tool to handle ourselves in these difficult times. Looking forward to more such insightful sessions.

Senior Business Development Manager, Cambridge University Press, Mumbai

Tushar SinghTushar Singh

Thank you ma’am for a wonderful session

Shruti Wadi Mandhan

Wonderful session

Madhu Sharma

Excellent suggestion for corporate leaders!

Research Assistant at O.P. Jindal University

Akshay Sharan

They have helped me understand how to deal with my anxiety and distractions in my life. The sessions as a whole are inspirational and thought-provoking. This session has helped me feel calmer, more focused, think more clearly. I can make more informed decisions now, I can sleep better, and I have increased energy. I am so grateful for such sessions.

Founder of TATTVA Tourism Solutions.

Mili Sham WhittmanMili Sham Whittman

Thanks for all your suggestions. It was a wonderful session

Works at Blue Bells Preparatory School

Shakun Jogai

Tips are practical and beneficial. Thank you for the session.

Alka Singh
[This] workshop was so hands-on and practical – the facilitator covered lots of different mindfulness techniques and explained everything really clearly.

We learnt things we could actually put into practice in everyday life. I was impressed with how they handled all the questions during the workshop as well.

Founder Director, Raiment Inc. New Delhi

Mini KrishnamurthyMini Krishnamurthy

Thank you ma’am for this amazing session.

Anu Bhasin

I was diagnosed with A.D.H.D. at the age of 20. The mental health professionals I approached for help in India and abroad were unable to help me manage any of the difficulties my disorder caused. I found their recommendations too abstract and inapplicable.

Dr. Soamya however, is exceptionally gifted at simplifying concepts and explaining how they may be implemented in one’s daily life. Her knowledge of mindfulness and using it for enhanced functioning is extensive and, more importantly, she ensured that her knowledge her communicated to in a manner I could comprehend. Furthermore, her support for my progress and unwavering patience was outstanding. She wholly embodies the philosophy of non-judgmental attitude and curiosity which she teaches.  After my experience, I have learnt that mindfulness is not about stubbornly staying in an attentive state but gently guiding one’s mind back to being observant. This is a nuanced concept. But multiple sessions were devoted to demystifying the nuance: how to enter a state of mindfulness, what does exactly does “gently” in “gently bring one’s attention back” mean, how is practicing mindfulness different while eating, sleeping and working. The methods of mindfulness taught range from recalling simple acronyms (S.T.O.P-Stop, Take a deep breath, Observe, Proceed), to slow induced meditation.

Today in addition to being more focused, I am less reactive and less prone to anxiety because of my training. Even as I write this, I am aware of my breath, my bodies sitting posture and the feeling of the keyboard under my fingers. However, should I exit this awareness sometime in the day, I would not be disappointed because as Dr. Soamya demonstrated, mindfulness involves gently bringing one’s attention back in a compassionate, curious and non-judgmental fashion.

Name witheld for privacy