We spend one-third of our adult life in the workplace

So why not make this one-third happier and memorable? Our Workplace Wellness packages are designed to offer a multitude of benefits for employees and organizations. Our team of qualified and experienced psychologists and psychiatrists have devised resources that address mental health at every level. We can customize solutions for your business needs.

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Employee Assistance Programs for Mental Health

Post-Covid impact on workplace wellbeing

We have produced a free guide to mental wellness at work in this post-Covid era. Know more about how we can help you build a resilient organization in difficult times.

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Benefits of mental fitness programs in the workplace

Reduced Stress

Reduced Stress

Helping you become more aware of your thoughts and body.

Improved Coping Skills

Improved Coping Skills

Handling emotions in a healthier way leading to a happier mental state.

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Helping the mind become clearer, calmer and more creative.

Effective work-life balance

work-life balance

Helping you live in the present & switch from work mode to family time.

Increased focus

Increased focus

Building attention span and ability to focus on work in the present moment.

Improved sleep quality

Improved sleep quality

Increasing vitality and output in the workplace.



Addressing challenges effectively & taking a proactive approach to work & life

Workplace wellness with MindPlus

We offer guidance and consultation on employee wellbeing from our experts. Our customised packages include:

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Guided 60-90 minute modules conducted by an expert facilitator. Covering a detailed topic on mindfulness to help develop positive mindsets, empathy, problem-solving and communication capabilities.


Scientifically-designed assessments help reveal your mindfulness quotient through a score at various intervals. Helps keep a track of your mental wellbeing and give you timely feedback.

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We provide a host of D-I-Y activities to improve mindfulness. These are fun, small and can be easily completed in between tasks. D-I-Ys are a great way to feel energised, confident and positive.

Therapy & counselling services

This program offers an expert one-on-one confidential consultation service. Employees can consult our team of psychologists and psychiatrists on any issue, work or personal. We aim to facilitate every individual’s mental wellbeing and help them perform their best.

Workshops and

The best working culture is where individuals see growth, potential and happiness for themselves. We can conduct standalone webinars and workshops for organizations.

Sometimes, a lively, mindfulness session is all you need to recharge yourself through the quarter.

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