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What is Alcoholism (AUD)?

Alcoholism, which is currently recognized as the illness known as Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), is a disorder in which an individual has a physical desire to drink alcohol despite the fact that it negatively affects their lives.

Psychotherapies, medicinal interventions, and de-addiction programs can all be used to treat this illness. Get the best alcohol treatment in Punjab at MindPlus. We are highly regarded.

By Following treatment, a person can have a completely happy and normal life. One of Punjab’s best centers for alcohol detoxification is the MindPlus. 

Our goal is to help people overcome their addiction by offering top-notch counseling and treatment services.

” On the other hand, long-term alcohol use can have negative impacts on the patient’s life as well as the life of their family members. “

Alcohol Use Disorder: Signs and Causes (AUD)

  1. Drink too much alcohol or consume it for longer than planned.
  2. Have made multiple unsuccessful attempts to reduce or give up alcohol
  3. Your insatiable thirst for alcohol prevents you from thinking of anything else.
  4. Experience issues as a result of your addiction in your job, school, or with your family.
  1. Keep drinking even if it’s causing issues for you or your relationships.
  2. Give up drinking or cut back on your involvement in other things that you find meaningful.
  3. Have you ever been in a position where your chances of getting wounded increased while you were drinking or after?
  4. Don’t stop drinking even if it’s made you feel anxious or unhappy, damaged your health, or given you a memory loss.

Advanced Alcohol Detox Programs at MindPlus

“Our goal is to give our clients back their lives.”

One of the best alcohol treatment centers in Ludhiana, Punjab, MindPlus is located in the Doraha city close to the city. We provide a luxurious and secure environment for those recovering from alcohol addiction. Also, at every stage of your development, we have a group of psychologists, psychiatrists, family therapists, and support personnel. Come see us at our alcohol treatment center right now if you’re having alcohol addiction problems! Get treatment and counseling for alcohol addiction in Ludhiana, Punjab.  For more details, you can call us at 8725006510 or follow us.

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