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Best Rehabilitation Center in North India

If addiction is taking a toll on your life, then MindPlus is a one-stop solution for you. This NABH-accredited best rehabilitation center in North India has all the advanced and modern facilities. It has a team of qualified and experienced Psychiatrists and Psychologists who work to provide better and more enhanced mental health to people all around the country. Our services included therapy, medication, and counseling. Our mission is to give people support for the substance use addiction that holds them back and to help in their journey of recovery.


Drug addiction can alter the functions of the brain and can make a person fully dependent on them. This urge to have these drugs one more time can make them slaves of intoxication. Because when you’re addicted, you may continue using them despite the harm it causes.

The most common causes of drug and alcohol addiction are stress, emotional damage, peer pressure, and may be an undiagnosed underlying mental health illness.

This addiction gives your brain a feeling of pleasure which can make you crave these even more. Sometimes addicts even increase the dosage of these drugs to achieve that feeling of pleasure. But they often forget that this addiction can lead to heart attacks, carcinomas, and several other lung disorders.  This addiction can be lethal if left treated.

MindPlus is known as the best rehabilitation center in north India. Also, our team of the best psychiatrists and psychologists works day and night to diagnose the signs and symptoms of these addicts and customize their recovery plans accordingly. We train them and help them to complete their journey of recovery.


Drug addiction, also known as substance use disorder can affect an individual’s brain and behavior impairing their daily activities of life. and leads to an inability to control the use of a legal or illegal drug or medicine.

Addiction can start initially because of the feeling of pleasure but it can trap an individual into a vicious cycle of cravings and addiction. One cannot easily stop taking these drugs because withdrawal can make you feel physically ill. These symptoms are known as “Withdrawal Symptoms.” A few medications, for example, narcotic pain relievers (opioid painkillers) are more likely to cause harm and addiction among addicts.

Alcohol addiction can range  from neurological disturbances to various mental health disorders like 


Recovery is only possible when you have proper guidance and adequate support from the experts. MindPlus is the best rehabilitation center in north India where well-trained staff is dedicated only to the comfort and care of the patients. The lush green environment, well-built rooms along with meals curated by expert dieticians helps patients in their journey of detoxification. MindPlus not only focuses on the treatment but works on the holistic development of the patients.

So, start your journey of detoxification with us. Book your appointment with the best consultant psychiatrist in India.

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  • MindPlus is the best rehabilitation center in north India with all the advanced mental health facilities among with an alcohol & drug rehabilitation center that is set up in a  lush green environment.
  • Our services include psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, counseling, mindfulness, and other alternative therapies. 
  • Our team comprises well-trained professionals and experiential counselors for alcohol addiction treatment in India.
  • Dedicated staff and customer care support who works 24* 7 for the benefit of the patients.
  • We not only customize the treatment plan for the patients but also the holistic development.

best rehabilitation center in north india

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Get friendly, expert support and develop your mental fitness with MindPlus. Our team of mental healthcare professionals is committed to your well-being and personal growth. You can also follow us.

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Is it possible to become addicted after doing it once?2023-07-03T09:58:53+05:30

No, a single exposure to substances does not make anybody addicted or dependent but a person can get a sense of pleasure that they want to feel again and it can lead to a vicious cycle of addiction.

Is it possible to treat addiction completely?2023-07-03T09:50:49+05:30

Yes, addictions are treatable but there is always a chance of recurrence in patients of addictions. So, it’s important to trust your doctor and be in constant follow-up with them.

Can Addiction Lead to Mental Health Disorders?2023-07-03T09:49:52+05:30

Yes, Addiction can cause various psychological problems like depression & anxiety. So it is important to address both the issues as early as possible.

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