MindPlus is the best rehabilitation center in India which is built in a premium location with a lush green environment and well-equipped mental health services. It is not a rehab center but a place where you can complete your journey of healing. MindPlus has set up another branch in Kalka to help people. Our goal is to provide mental health facilities accessible to each and every person in the country.

According to one source, more than 20 million people were in need of substance abuse treatment last year. So, we made sure to construct a de-addiction center that provides an opportunity for addicts to manage their addiction on a long-term basis. It is a safe place that helps addicts recover from various types of substance use, addictions, and associated mental illness.

Our vision is to create awareness about various mental illnesses and substance use disorders among the population. The fact that our well-qualified team of psychiatrists and psychologists customize treatment plans for every individual makes us special. MindPlus is the best rehabilitation center in India as thousands of patients were able to return to their normal lives with our treatment approaches.

best rehabilitation centre in india


MindPlus is a well-known and best Rehabilitation center in India for drug and alcohol addiction. Our team considers themselves as your healing partners who work day and night to give you a healthy lifestyle. This state-of-the-art Rehabilitation center works with unique treatment approaches customized for every individual. Apart from treatment, we have dieticians and gym instructors who curate the meals and activities for the patients.


MindPlus is built in a lush green environment away from the traffic of the city. MindPlus is committed to giving the best rehabilitation center standards to help every patient with any kind of addiction. It is indeed India’s best luxury drug de addiction center. Our services include such as physical, occupational, speech, and recreational therapies. We work not only on the illness but on the holistic development of the patients. Our team believes in maintaining the confidentiality of the patients as well as in providing safe and effective treatment to the patients.


MindPlus provides a safe and secure environment for people. Our team provides 24-hour assistance to people all over India. We are motivated to give personalized care and treatment of NABH standards to the people. MindPlus strives to deliver the best results to the people. Our practical approach to managing de-addiction has helped thousands of patients in the last 37 years. We ensure that you have a comfortable stay during your journey of recovery. best rehabilitation center in indiaOur well-qualified dietician along with in -the house kitchen curates the best meal for the patients according to their needs. Our psychiatrists make sure that patients are on regular follow-ups to assess their condition from time to time.