Best Rehab Center in Punjab


MindPlus is a first-state-of-the-art and NABH-accredited rehab center for those suffering from drug, alcohol, heroin, and mental disorders. if you’re looking for the Best Rehab Center in Punjab, MindPlus is the right choice for you. Our long-term objective is to give you the greatest support and care possible so you are able to give up your addiction and start your recovery right away.

best rehabilitation centre in india


Our professional staff of counselors and therapists at MindPlus assists you in overcoming all of life’s challenges. Get a customized treatment plan for your unique situation to reclaim the passion of living life to the fullest.

Our rehab center in Punjab is set up to assist you in identifying certain problems related to mental health and well-being. It allows us to offer a suitable course of treatment that provides visible benefits. We have designed our rehab center with a calm and luxurious environment. This unique selling proposition helps in the completion of the detoxification, de-addiction, and mental health condition treatment processes.


At MindPlus, the best rehab center in Punjab, we offer a wellness retreat to individuals who have taken a positive step toward recovery from addiction and mental health problems. We accomplish this by getting to know the way they think from the ground up and treating them with integrity in an elegant environment under the supervision of a team of professionals. We provide our assistance to anyone wishing to overcome an addiction of any kind, serving as a support system until they are fully recovered and able to recognize the positive aspects of life.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Punjab

The holistic rehabilitation center is situated in Ludhiana, Punjab, close to Doraha. Including five acres of lush surroundings, you will find a beautiful environment for recuperating from addiction, stress, and issues caused by toxins. At our wellness recovery center, you have a variety of lodging alternatives to select from. Depending on your tastes, they have a variety of room kinds.

Welcome to a sumptuous and compassionate rehabilitation program with a single goal in mind: to assist in restoring your mental wellness for a better balance between your body and mind.

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