Phobia Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Phobia – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Morbid or phobia fear, a term of clinical psychology, is an anxiety-related disorder. That intensifies an overwhelming or unreasonable aversion or fear from a situation, environment, event, or place that provokes anxiety and possesses a little or an unreal danger. The types of phobias include:

Common phobia fears are associated with flying insects, snakes, heights, enclosed places, highway driving, elevators, needles, etc. Different psychological and physical reactions can be diagnosed in phobic people. This clinical disorder interferes with normal psychological functioning and triggers sudden panic and anxious reactions among people.

  • Feeling fearful when taking off during storms and flying through turbulence.
  • Among children, excessive crying, tantrums, or fearful clinging.
  • Rapid heartbeat and anxiety feeling.
  • Annoyance and avoidance of certain circumstances or situations.
  • Certain psychological reactions such as panic feeling, excessive sweating, and difficulty breathing.
  • The inability of the mind to stay calm or stable during fearful conditions.
  • Exaggerating due to unreasonable or unseen fear.
  • Being powerless to control an intense feeling of something dreadful happening.
  • Psychologically unresponsive while encountering something fearful.
Phobia Treatment Center in Ludhiana – MindPlus

With a range of successful Phobia treatments, MindPlus leads with systematic treatments that involve Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Assistive Evidence-Based Treatment. Type and causes associated with Phobia are being diagnosed among suffering people to put them up for effective and suitable psychological treatment.

During therapy sessions, imagination is empowered to control anxiety and sudden panic attacks. Gradually intense fear is controlled and phobic people are exposed to some real-life situations for training them to stabilize their mental state. Technical procedures are utilized to help sufferers understand that nothing will happen if they have an encounter with something frightful. Depression is cured by antidepressants or other medications in serious phobic cases.