Sex Addiction Treatment


Sex Addiction referring to sex urges is an outcome of an extensively preoccupied mind with lustful thoughts and sensual feelings that originate an impulse to make love or have sex. Excessive sex urges involve a negative pattern of sexual behaviour as being a result of immense distress and depression caused due to several other biological, social and psychological factors. A conceptual sex model is utilized to understand the causes of sex urges as well as to provide suitable measures to control negative sex patterns. Sex impulsiveness leads among adult males and females from all age groups.

Sex addiction stimulates Compulsive sexual behaviour and other disorders including nymphomania, erotomania, hypersexuality and satyriasis, etc. Gambling addiction and substance abuse are the common root causes of Sex Addiction.


  • Frequent sexual thoughts and sudden erection
  • Avoiding regular chores and social responsibilities to get indulged in sexual activities
  • Unsuccessful attempts to control sex impulsiveness
  • Masturbating and forceful sexual behaviour with a partner
  • Involving many sexual partners to accomplish satisfaction
  • Worsened or threatening sexual behaviour
  • Uncontrolled desires and feelings of having immediate sex
  • Feeling physically dissatisfied and urged to have more intercourses


MindPlus with comprehensive treatments and care pathways withdraws the attention of sex addictive people who look forward to overcoming nasty sex impulsiveness to lead a normal life with healthy sex thoughts. Initially, a basic level assessment is documented to record the existing abnormal sex urges to recommend the sufferer for appropriate treatment.

Accepted psychological programs are regulated by skilled counsellors to help addictive people acknowledge sexual impulsiveness. Psychologists and psychiatrists observe an individual’s behaviour to judge depression, anxiety and other underlying factors. Suitable Addiction Treatment Programs are run to treat sex-addictive people by following cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

Speedy recovery and control over sex urges are assured on the completion of ATPs.