Paranoid Personality Disorder, Symptoms and Treatment

By Amanpreet Singh, Psychologist

Mental disorders can take a toll on a person’s decision-making, judgment, and wisdom. They may restrict a person from seeing a clear picture and might cause them to see things that are different from reality in extreme cases even the opposite of reality. One such mental disorder is Paranoid personality disorder.

This personality condition is characterized by distrust and suspicion. People with natural paranoia often believe in others and frequently misinterpret others, seeing seemingly innocent remarks and actions as malicious.

The paranoid personality disorder patient holds doubts about other people and believes that they are out to threaten, betray, take advantage of, or hurt them. The majority of the time this illness manifests in young adults. People with paranoid personality disorder typically lack a sense of reality and refuse to acknowledge their negative thoughts toward other people. Also, They have such a deep mistrust of others that they will not express their feelings and will store worries for a very long time. People with Cluster A disorders, which include paranoid personality disorder, frequently have strange appearances.


  • Thinks that another person is using him for his own good, trying to harm him, and maybe wants to deceive him.
  • A person has already been filled with doubts about trust in his close ones, and loyalty in others.
  • A person develops a fear that any information will be used against him maliciously.
  • Always holds grudges.
  • Assume normal situations as threatening.
  • Becomes angry easily.

paranoid personality disorder symptoms

In case of these symptoms, it is best advised to get help from a professional as no matter how strongly people around might want to convey to the patient that his thoughts or conclusions are not right, the person would not listen to them, rather might be suspicious on them for not believing him. Thus, medicines and counseling play a great role in disorders like these.

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