The role of faith in the recovery of drugs or addiction and how it works?

By Ashima Gupta, Psychologist

Addiction is a recurrent, chronic brain condition that is characterized by obsessive drug seeking and use. Despite negative effects. Amongst all the states of India, Punjab is experiencing a severe epidemic of alcohol and drug addiction. There is a need for psychotherapy along with life-saving medical treatments. Which are essential for recovery and rescue. The spectrum of addiction health care should place a strong emphasis on the soul. In addition, to the body and the mind. It is believed that strong faith and inner aspects of spirituality play an important role. For healing from anxieties, mood disorders, post-traumatic stress, and addictions.


Faith fastens recovery

Many people’s lives are anchored by their religion and spirituality. They may be a potent force for transformation, especially for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. When they believe that a supernatural force is helping them to recover. There are increased chances of a speedy recovery. There is an increased hopefulness in those patients. There is evidence in the literature that suggests people. In fact, those who are hopeful about their recovery are more likely to be resilient. As well, as tend to recover soon.

Strength comes from faith

The after-effects of drug use or alcohol consumption are sometimes unbearable. It involves abnormal heart rates, lacrimation, hallucinations, aggression, impaired judgment, and forgetfulness. It is also the cause of body pain, tiredness, loss of pleasure, and paranoia. Faith helps the individual to bear pain by providing psychological resilience and optimistic life orientation. It also helps in reducing anxiety about withdrawal symptoms and encouraging abstinence.

Faith prevents relapse

Most addiction relapses are due to major stressors in life, which are difficult to handle. As well as, peer pressures. Both of these can be prevented. If the individual involves themselves in spiritual and religious activities. This can help them induce positive feelings. They will get through the difficult times. Talking about peer- pressure, having faith in the almighty can help make a rational decision by weighing the pros and cons of it, instead of making hasty decisions.

Sense of control

It helps to process challenging ideas and feelings. It also enables us to maintain attention to the present, observe inner experiences, and accept them without condemnation or resentment. It also allows having a sense of control over the situation by giving God the reins and requesting his assistance.

Healthy coping

Research shows that positive religious coping helps people to resort to spirituality for comfort. When faced with life difficulties and finding meaning while in contrast. Those who use negative religious coping frequently struggle with their faith and express doubt about their validity. Therefore, faith during addictions and other psychological problems helps in seeking solace. Also, managing negative emotions effectively.

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