Mental wellness and its Benefits

By Saima Bano, Clinical Psychologist

Mental wellness is a state of good mental health. It entails more than simply being free from mental illness. Feeling balanced, socially connected, and equipped to take on life’s problems are all indicators of mental wellness. Physical and mental health is interrelated. A person’s mental well-being may improve when the person maintains a healthy diet, get adequate sleep, and keep active. Maintaining good routines can boost a person’s confidence, support mental health, and ease stress management for a person. Being psychologically healthy might increases the motivation to maintain good habits. Family and close friends are crucial for maintaining mental health. Having supportive and loving connections minimizes stress and a person’s likelihood of developing a problem with mental health or substance use. Mental health is defined by the World Health Organization as “A state of health in which a person is aware of their capabilities, capable of managing daily obligations, able to work productively and creatively, and able to give back to their community.”

Note that happiness is not mentioned in this definition at all. Additionally, it is not described as being free from mental illness. Instead, being mentally healthy implies being able to handle life’s challenges, be they as straightforward as a work project or as complex as a breakup. It is the harmony between a person’s physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional selves. When a person is mentally healthy, their mind is in good working order and doing what is best for them. A person can think, feel, and behave in ways that improve his or her own physical and social well-being. Positive, self-assured, and joyful people have good mental health; they are in charge of their emotions, feelings, and behavior. They can manage difficulties, establish a strong connection, and just enjoy life because of this.

Benefits of Mental Wellness

A person’s mental wellness is crucial to his or her overall well-being. This component of a person’s welfare affects how they interact with others emotionally, psychologically, and socially. It’s important to safeguard and improve psychological wellness using the right tactics, as maintaining physical fitness maintains our bodies healthy, and enables us to preserve good mental health. We value our lives, our surroundings, and the people who live there when our minds are in good shape. We can experiment, learn, discover, and take risks. In both our professional and personal lives, we are better equipped to handle challenging situations.

We experience the anguish and rage that can accompany a loved one’s passing, a job loss, relationship issues, and other tough situations, but eventually, we can move on and resume enjoying our lives. The mental health issues that are occasionally linked to a chronic physical condition can be fought or prevented by taking care of our mental health. In some instances, it can stop a medical or mental condition from developing or relapsing. For instance, good stress management can reduce the risk of heart disease.

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A few advantages of having strong mental health are:

An Improved Capacity to Handle Life’s Stressors

The difficulties of life may be simpler to overcome when emotional and mental states are at their best. In situations where drugs, alcohol, fighting, isolation, or tantrums may have been used to deal with marital troubles, money concerns, employment issues, and other life issues, a stable mental state may encourage healthy coping mechanisms.

A Positive View of Oneself

Personal sentiments about oneself are strongly correlated with mental health. One’s overall mental health has an impact on their sense of self-worth. Having confidence is frequently a sign of a sound mental state.

Better Relationships

A person may be better able to devote quality time, affection, and support to his or her friends and family if their mental health is in good shape.

Increased productivity

Being affected by depression or other mental health issues might affect one’s level of productivity. It is more likely that a person will be able to work more effectively and produce work of a higher standard if they feel mentally strong.

Higher Life Quality

The quality of life may rise when mental health is strong. Greater community-building participation may be possible as a result.

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